Built in billy bookcase diy

Apr 17, 2018 how to build a faux wall of inexpensive builtin bookcases using ikea billy bookshelves to create beautiful shelving. After all, a billy bookcase is not just a place to hold books. Fireplace builtins ikea hack is a easy simple way to have the look of custom builtins without the cost. The tutorial of the day how to build your own closet builtins using a billy bookcase from ikea, a few pieces of mdf, several 1x2s, and a clothing rod. At one the end of the room, the ceiling is lower to allow for bathroom plumbing on the second storey and the bulkhead ceiling has created a nook that lends itself to built. Diy ikea billy bookcase built in bookshelves run to radiance.

I had seen many an ikea billy bookcase hack out in the blogosphere, so i knew how good those composite and laminate shelves could look after a. Diy bookshelf wall ikea billy bookcase hack bookshelf design bookshelves built in billy bookcases built ins book shelves wall shelves diy wall the best ikea hacks of all time from the clever ways each ikea find can be used to the unexpected pieces available, there is always something new to discover in store. One thing youll notice with the billy bookcase is that the shelves are not flush with the sides of the bookcase. I measured the space in between the walls, in our case it was almost exactly 12 feet, or 144 inches, then i subtracted out the width of the bookcases which are 31.

Take extra care to make sure the front faces of each billy bookcase are flush with one another. I am going to be 100% honest and say this was the hardest diy i have completed so far. Diy ikea billy bookcase built in bookshelves part 2 says. Then prepare yourself for the billy bookcase builtin bonanza. Today im sharing a quick and easy tutorial from our last house, kinseys bedroom specifically, that can easily be applied to any reachin closet. How to make ikea billy bookcase builtins place of my taste. These white shelves will enhance any room and highlight your favorite home decor elements, by organizing them giving you a styled bookcase. How to build built in bookcases from ikea billy bookshelves to figure out how to best use the space, the picture below shows how we did the math. Brilliant ikea billy bookcase hacks the cottage market. Heres the full tutorial on how we made our custom built in bookcase made from ikea billy bookcases. Builtin billy bookcases are certainly not a new concept, but i never felt like the directions were close enough to what i needed.

Utilizing the billy shelving system as a base for builtin shelves is a hallmark of the iconic ikea storage unit. How to build your own closet builtins using a billy. How to make ikea billy bookcase builtins place of my. If you havent already read about my plans for the living room, then you can catch up here. We have a long alcove along one wall that was just screaming for builtin storage to be placed there. If you have a big empty wall in your house turning billy bookcases into built ins is a great way to add storage and polish as well as a strong focal point if your room is missing one. Use a trigger clamp to secure two billy bookcases together. Diy builtin bookcase ikea hack by the use of the hemnes series info price.

This is by far our favourite room, my husband comes here every morning before work to drink his coffee, my kids love sitting on the floor and colouring or. This ikea billy bookcase built turned out beautifully. If youd like to see more of our process, check out the playlist below. My initial plan was to create a sleek high gloss wall hung storagedisplay unit, which would provide a contrast with the traditional woodwork within the rest of the room. I showed off these fabulous ikea bookshelves my dad recently built for us in this post here. I dragged down this huge wicker lamp it was in my living room for years from the attic, and i think it will be perfect in this room as i will bring in textures and layers with a touch of bright colors in to break up the clean whiteness. The billy bookcase is exceptionally easy to make look like a custom built in by using trim pieces and molding.

They built the billy bookcase around the fireplace and it turned out great. A stepbystep on how to make diy built ins with ikea billy bookcases. How to make a diy walltowall bookcase an ikea billy. How to build a faux wall of inexpensive builtin bookcases using ikea billy bookshelves to create beautiful shelving. Diy built ins ikea billy bookcase hack samantha raising. If you missed it, this was just a blank wall in our living room. A stepbystep tutorial for how to make professional looking diy builtins using ikea billy bookcases for vertical storage. While i loved the 15 depth of ikeas newer bookcase, i knew i wanted them to go all the way to the ceiling. Every model in the billy series also features adjustable shelves so you can fit anything from books to trophies, and everything in between. Take a look at 19 of the best billy bookcase builtins ever. Small plywood panel for the floating desk mdf panels for the top of the bookcase 2x4s for the braces 1x3s for the floating desk 2 ikea billy bookcases.

Lauren over at blesser house is going to show you how they put together their billy bookcase creation which is being used for storage in the playroom. Learn how to make ikea billy bookcases look like custom builtins. These diy builtins were made from ikeas billy bookcases and i am very proud of the way they turned out. The uniform nature of the billy meant that we could do this. This diy builtin billy bookcase project gave me an affordable way to create a customcabinetry feel for our home library. Ive done it three times heres exactly how to make a. We have gathered some fantastic and appealing 25 best ikea billy bookcase hacks. This post has the step by step tutorial of how to build these bookshelves using ikea billy bookcases or similar inexpensive bookcases.

The ikea hack builtin billy bookcases office makeover reveal. Create a custom builtin bookcase from standard ikea billy bookcases with this easy step by step tutorial. Enhance your farmhouse office with our easy to do diy book shelf, using the ikea billy book shelf hack. You also could definitely do this floor to ceiling all the wall through, but we chose to hang a tv. A diy customised bookcase that started its life as ikea billy shelf units and now looks like custom cabinetry. There are some wonderful projects out there of built in billy bookcase ideas, taking billy bookcases from ikea and creating a builtin bookcase look, using moldings and trims.

I played with the spacing of the bookcases for a bit and finally settled on 6 12. Outfit your billy bookcaseturnedcloset with a diy sliding door to keep clutter out of sight and mind. Im so excited to reveal the first room of our new house, the library. There are so many steps and stages, and thoughts and emotions that i want to share with you that i fear i might end up a bit longwinded. I gave an ordinary ikea billy bookcase a builtin, custom made look. Diy built ins ikea billy bookcase hack designed simple. But we knew we wanted to add library lights to the top of each shelf. I spent a lot of time planning this project to make them look more custom and now i cant even tell they were from ikea.

Our diy gingerbread project wasnt very difficult or. This stepbystep tutorial makes making walltowall bookshelves easy. By installing them upside down we had room for lights and crown moulding. She gave some more details about the project, and i knew i was sold. Its been a few weeks since we completed these bookcases in our living room and im finally sitting down to put together the tutorial. I figured out that buying a piece of balsa wood from the craft store shimmed that space perfectly. The billy bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great. Its functional, beautiful, and so doable as a diy when you use billy bookcases as the base for your builtins.

Diy builtin bookcase reveal an ikea hack studio 36. I started by calculating the number of ikea billy bookcases needed for this project. Customized ikea billy bookcases diy built in bookshelves. Even though you saw a brief glimpse back in 2015 of us installing the billy bookcases, office makeover part 1, that was last year so you might need a reminder of how things looked before, before. Billy bookcases are built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best. Becky, the diy blogger who pens infarrantly creative was faced with a challenge. How to make a diy walltowall bookcase an ikea billy bookcase built in. That was a lot of problemsolving for amateur diyers like us to solve. Sep 7, 2018 this stepbystep tutorial makes making walltowall bookshelves easy. We ended up ordering the components of the other built ins i have planned and a hemnes dresser for heidis. Diy builtin shelves using ikea billy bookcase hack.

Ikea billy bookcase builtin hack arinsolangeathome. We used the oxberg doors for hidden storage underneath. When it comes to hacking great storage, no other ikea product works a room like the billy bookcase. A builtin wall of shelving just seemed like the best way to contain everything in a neat and orderly fashion, plus builtins can be a great aesthetic feature in a room. Ikea sells a ton of options when it comes to the billy system and its easier to navigate those options in.

The last thing i wanted was to create a beautiful custom look and then have an 18. I built all 3 units plus the extension pieces in 1 hour. Once you master building the billy bookcases the rest is cake. Billy bookcase builtins are in, and they shine my living room, you all. Diy built in bookcase and cabinets billy bookcase built in, by far our ikea hack ideas out there it once the one of options to use the three inch tall vaulted ceilings so the floor and planning it for the math i actually went by myself to recreate these billy builtin hack in how we moved the bookcases that here excuse me. Ikea has successfully spread this minimalism across the globe.

As per their own records, on average in every five seconds, a billy bookcase is sold. Its a wonderful weekend project and you can customize it to fit your home decor perfectly. How to build diy built in bookcases from ikea billy. Diy library wall billy builtin bookcases bookcase diy. This post has been in the making for months, so now that i am finally here, excuse me if i will ramble on a bit.

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