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Distribution, disclosure, reproduction or sale of this material to unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited. Richelieu is thwarted in this action by the three remaining musketeers, athos, porthos, and aramis. Athos threw a piece of money to the goatkeeper to withdraw. The four musketeers defend the queen and her dressmaker from cardinal.

The three musketeersthe four musketeers 2disc movie collection. Set in the seventeenth century, it recounts the adventures of a young man named dartagnan after he leaves home to become a guard of the musketeers. The mexican film locations were beautiful reminds one of normandy,france. Niblos film covered only the first half of the book, a deficiency made good that same year in france, where henri diamantbergers 14episode. This was my favorite of the comical versions of three musketeers.

The four musketeers was filmed concurrently with the three musketeers. Its too much of the same material, spun out into a wearying series. The three musketeers is a 1993 americanaustrian actionadventure comedy film from walt disney pictures, caravan pictures, and the kerner entertainment company, directed by stephen herek from a screenplay by david loughery. The three musketeers 1933 john wayne message board. The film is 186 minutes long, an extremely long movie for a silent film. He was producer of 4 of the resident evil films, also directed by paul w. The young and valiant dartagnan joins the seasoned three musketeers to stop the evil cardinal richelieu from seizing the throne of the kingdom of france and causing europe to be torn apart by war. This fullscreen dvd release is certainly worth a look for all swashbuckler fans and, specifically, for readers of alexandre dumas. He could not have chosen a finer cast of actors for his movie reed is superb as. This required all kinds of negotiations with everyone involved because they had originally signed up to do. English and french of the three musketeers by alexandre dumas.

Another film version of the three musketeers was released in 1933. The strength of the characters, from the three musketeers themselves, to cardinal richelieu and the venomous milady, need scarcely be highlighted, so. Originally intended and shot to be one grand adventure at the cinema, both of lesters musketeers pictures amount to around 215 minutes close to three and a half hours. Now beware the film is a two sided disc half the film plays on side a, then. In real life he was clearly older born in 1920 than this character, but marchal happened to be one of the most famous actors of european.

Yvonne blake in the three musketeers 1973 christopher lee in the three. There are 24 films, my favorite is the 1993 disney version just because it was great to watch with my daughter. Les trois mousquetaires is a 1953 film based on the french novel of the same name. Matthew macfadyen in the three musketeers 2011 ray stevenson in the. Alexandre dumass most famous tale and possibly the most famous historical novel of all time in a handsome hardcover volume. Love these movies as they are very closr to the books. The three musketeersthe four musketeers 2disc movie.

Release dates 2 also known as aka 7 release dates mexico 30 october 1957. The hotheaded young dartagnan along with three former legendary but now. Three and a half musketeers might sound like a sitcom waiting to happen, but the 1957 comedy united athos, porthos and aramis with a hapless aspiring swordsman, d artagnan. Three bachelors find themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guys girlfriends. Mgms the three musketeers 1948 was the latest in a long line of adaptations of alexandre dumas famed novel. I liked the first film better than the second, but in any event, half of this pair is enough. The film itself is set in and around the french court, where the dark. The musketeers are soldiers in the french foreign legion. It is based on alexandre dumas s 1844 novel of the same title with clockpunk elements. Equally prone to depart from the original are the scenes at the 1620s french court. The three musketeers, a 1954 bbc adaptation in six 30minute episodes, starring laurence payne, roger delgado, paul whitsunjones and paul hansard.

With tom selleck, steve guttenberg, ted danson, nancy travis. Im not sure how many film adaptations there are out there about the musketeers. This swashbuckling epic of chivalry, honor, and derringdo, set in france during the 1620s, is richly populated with romantic heroes. The four musketeers, the musketeers, 3 musketeers 4 musketeers. The movie opens with a 17thcentury james bond scuba diving sequence, which looks about as plausible as it sounds. A new 3d version of the great classic of action and adventure by alexandre dumas. This cinematic treatment of the novel contained sound, but was a rather brief, truncated version of the story. The new 3d flick adapts the same classic as charlie sheen, six silent films, and barbie. Partitioning the films into equal segments proves to be a wise endeavor, as theres a neat little dividing point in the center that, though seemingly anticlimactic when looking at the three musketeers as an individual film, works as an. Three an d a half musket eers is a film directed by gilberto martinez solares with german valdes tin tan, rosita arenas, martha valdes, oscar pulido, year.

The three musketeers is a 1948 film directed by george sidney, written by robert ardrey, and. The three musketeers is een amerikaanse film uit 1939 van allan dwan in geluid en zwart wit. The best film version, most musketeercompletists agree, is richard lesters diptych the three musketeers 1973 and the four musketeers 1974, adapted by george macdonald fraser, and originally conceived as a vehicle for. The story was told in two films totaling three and a half hours, with a mixture of comedy and realism. The three musketeers, a 1966 bbc adaptation in ten 25minute episodes, directed by peter hammond and starring jeremy brett, jeremy young, and brian blessed. Les trois mousquetaires is the original french of the three musketeers available in the u. The three musketeers is a 1933 film serial produced by mascot pictures which updates dumas the three musketeers by setting the story in contemporary north africa. There have been others since, too, including 1974, 1993, and 2011. The three musketeers written by david loughery revisions by harley peyton this material is the sole property of the walt disney company and is restricted to the use of the walt disney company and its authorized employees and agents. The three musketeers and continues the same story with the same combination of impenetrable plotting and nonstop swashbuckling. Richard lesters the four musketeers was filmed at the same time as his 1974 hit which was, uh. Ken ludwigs the three musketeers concord theatricals. The three musketeers 1921 douglas fairbanks youtube. Anderson and starring matthew macfadyen, logan lerman, ray stevenson, milla jovovich, luke evans, mads mikkelsen, orlando bloom, and christoph waltz.

The three musketeers has been filmed again and again. The three musketeers the four musketeers the musketeers 3. The film is an adaptation of alexandre dumass the three musketeers, and was the first version to be as a sound film. The three musketeers 1993 one for all, all for one duration. It was produced by the production center of sergei zhigunov. Three and a half musketeers 1957 release info imdb. Charlton heston, though physically perhaps miscast, does an excellent job acting the role of the french cardinal.

Tan, erwin leder, axel anselm, stephen herek, david loughery. Dartagnan and athos return to france with a selfimposed mission. In real life he was clearly older born in 1920 than this character, but marchal happened to be one of the most famous actors of european cinema in these days. The hour having come, they went with their four lackeys to a spot behind the luxembourg given up to the feeding of goats. Dumas tends to be easier for english speakers to read in french than most other french. Les trois mousquetaires is a 1959 french tv film based on a play adaptation of the 1844 novel by alexandre dumas. The four musketeers came on the disc marked the three musketeers, the menu page for the four musketeers read the three musketeers. This is the original work on which so many plays, movies, short stories, etc.

How many versions of the movie the three musketeers have. The director was tim sheader twelfth night in regents park, and the artistic director of the theatre was simon reade, former literary manager of the royal shakespeare company. Read the three musketeers by michael hadley pdf opens in new tab. Three musketeers, the film the classic story of the young dartagnan journeying to paris to join the musketeers, only to find the powerful cardinal richelieu plotting against them and attempting to make himself king.

The hotheaded young dartagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the french throne and engulfing europe in war. Les trois mousquetaires the three musketeers in french. And while much of the frequent sexual innuendo will go over kids head, theres plenty of ogling, kissing, and cleavageoverflowing corsets for them to see. Richard lesters adaptation of the three musketeers was only the latest of many when released in 1974, but it arrived with a spirit all its own, one influenced as much by lesters 60s work as the. The third talkie version of dumas the three musketeers, this. After killing four guards unnecessarily, the scuba man is revealed to be musketeer matthew macfadyen. The three musketeers is a 2011 romantic action adventure film directed by paul w. The three musketeers is a romance par excellence, and the pace of the narrative carries the reader on a delirious journey. Paul w s andersons the three musketeers is half action pantomime, half. The first movie version appeared in 1914, followed by one in 1921, 1935, and 1939. With john wayne, ruth hall, robert frazer, noah beery jr edited version of the 1933 mascot serial the three musketeers, first released in 1946. In fact, it tried to be so faithful to the book that they had to split it into two films. This adaptation is one of five films director andre hunebelle and screen writer michel audiard achieved together. The three musketeers stars christoph waltz as the villainous cardinal richelieu.

The three musketeers, a 1903 french production about which very little is know. No fault of seller but the three musketeers movie came on the disc marked the four musketeers. Its starry trio of dogooders may promise to fight one for all, all for one, but this three musketeers is a slickly unmemorable update bound to satisfy. This germanfrenchbritish coproduction was shot in germany and topped the box office. A silent party soon drew near to the same enclosure, entered, and joined the. However, these were not intended to be two separate films richard lester made a single film covering the whole of the three musketeers, a film of more than three anda half hours in length. In france in 1649, the services of the four musketeers are needed again, and they. Musketeers of the queen french short, 1903 the three musketeers italian film, 1909 the three musketeers french film, 1912 the three musketeers french serial in 12 episodes, 1921, remade in 1932 the three musketeers american film, 1921 the iron mask american film, 1929 the three mustgettheres american film, 1922.

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